For Suppliers

Intransparent processes and a lack of overview across the entire purchasing process often makes it impossible for suppliers to compete in the long term.

Discover a fair and transparent marketplace where you can win new customers at the push of a button!

How tenderpilot supports you

~ Benefit from more efficient processes: demand inquiries land automatically and conveniently at sales.
~ Benefit from lower process costs through simplified, shorter and more stable processes.
~ Gain more time for value creation and business development.

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~ Secure a cost-effective and wide-reaching acquisition and sales channel for your customer acquisition.
~ Generate meaningful reports and key figures for your forecasts, planning, and position comparison with competitors at the push of a button.
~ Benefit from uniform data and quality standards and absolute comparability.

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~ Build long-lasting customer relationships through simple and convenient processes.
~ Benefit from consistent and more efficient ordering processes.
~ Take advantage of numerous bundling opportunities across organizational units.

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