For Buyers

Lean processes, complete transparency, fast and simple workflows, lower procurement costs for materials, services and process costs, and the certainty of always having selected the best possible offer from market driven prices aligned with the required service level. This is often an almost unsolvable dilemma for many buyers. One of the primary goals for a company is to make a profit with the well-considered use of available resources. With tenderpilot, buyers benefit in terms of time, quality and costs.

As a buyer, you can use tenderpilot as a fair, neutral, independent and transparent marketplace with which you can achieve market-driven conditions and at the same time establish stable, reliable supply chains.

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How tenderpilot supports you

~ Benefit from a neutral platform for all suppliers and commodity groups.
~ Reduce your process costs through simplified, shorter and more stable processes.
~ Gain more time for value creation and your company development

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~ Be more free and independent from suppliers and manufacturers, there are no hidden commissions – just total transparency.
~ Generate meaningful reports and metrics for your forecasting, planning and reporting at the push of a button.
~ Regain more control over the purchasing process.
~ Benefit from uniform data and quality standards and thus from total comparability.

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~ Take advantage of market-driven and competitive conditions for unprecedented cost optimization.
~ Benefit from improved transparency on prices, demands and other aspects.
~ Take advantage of numerous bundling options across organizational units.

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