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With our news section you will always stay up to date about what is going on in front of and behind the scenes at tenderpilot.
Great News: V2 is Live Now!
Today we have great news about our platform. V2 is in the starting blocks and brings with it many innovations.

We have been fine-tuning tenderpilot over the last few months and have been developing the platform at a great pace. Customer, partner and employee feedback was collected and evaluated, purchasing experts were consulted and the market was analyzed in detail.

We have added several new features to our platform and also perfected the design. Look forward to an even more intuitive, comprehensive solution for all your purchasing needs from A to Z!

Would you like to be among the first to, for example:
– Be able to tender not only products but also services?
– Order directly from the cheapest online store without tendering?
– Use more flexible evaluation options?
– Use an intuitive design?
– Upload entire product catalogs as a supplier and address customers directly
– Use one online store for everything – as the best digital interface to all customers and/or suppliers

We let your business grow and win customers you would never have thought of before. Contact us at: or +49 541 939 355 00.
Who are the faces behind tenderpilot?
As we announced, you can now get to know another member of the tenderpilot team. Today we will tell you more about Kevin Mureck, who supports Customer Success Management and the finance department at tenderpilot.

Kevin’s determination is one of the reasons he is where he is today. Even throughout his full-time studies, he worked to gain as much professional experience as he could.

Nevertheless, Kevin has managed to see and travel a lot of the world, which he is particularly proud of. In general, he is a very open-minded person who likes to try out various activities such as sports and thus broaden his horizons.
Kevin has no regrets in his life – every mistake is something he can learn from.

In his free time Kevin likes to do sports, pursue his hobby of playing the guitar, or see his family and friends, who are the most important things in his life.

We’re happy to call you part of our team, Kevin!
The introductions will continue in the coming weeks – you can look forward to them!
Surge in digitization?
As we all know, the past year has turned a lot upside down and changed a lot for us. Among other things, the corona crisis leads to an enormous boost in digitization in industry – but it also hits companies with full force.

Industry 4.0 has meanwhile become an issue for many companies and its advancement was only aided by the corona pandemic:

81% of the companies are reacting to the changes and adapting their new products and services, 42% have even changed their entire business model due to the pandemic.

But what is new usually also causes concern. A majority of companies want to adapt to the new digital conditions – but do not have enough financial resources, knowledge or time.

We have good news for you! At tenderpilot, we tackle the topic of digitization together with you and give you the security you need when it comes to this important topic.

Feel free to contact us – of course without obligation: or +49 541 939 355 00.
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tenderpilot – the solution for your purchasing optimization
Are you ready to completely digitize your purchasing? Read here why we should definitely talk.

You benefit both as a buyer and as a supplier from the support of our absolutely neutral and independent platform for your entire purchasing and sales processes, which creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Our focus is on the essential processes in purchasing so that we can make your purchasing activities as efficient and lean as possible. As a result, you can look forward to significant cost and time savings, as well as a transparent and clear overview of the entire process.

Would you like to find out what tenderpilot can do for your company or organisation individually? We will be happy to advise you – without any obligation: or +49 541 939 355 00.

And by the way, so that you can make a well-founded decision, you can test the premium package for one month free of charge. Talk to us!
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Here are digital optimization potentials for your procurement!
Digitization is one of the popular keywords that are used in a wide variety of contexts. But unfortunately it still represents untapped potential for medium-sized companies, especially in Germany.

The corona pandemic has shown small and medium-sized companies in particular how much catching up they have to do in terms of digital transformation. It is way easier than most people assume to digitize your company activities and save a lot of time and money – but also to eliminate unnecessary problems.

We have therefore summarized where optimization potentials lie in procurement and how digital platforms help to solve those problems.

Would you also like to take the first step towards digitization? Feel free to contact us – absolutely non-binding!
Six fields of action of particular interest for hospital purchasing
The topic of digitalisation is by now already cold coffee. Everyone knows: optimised processes, more efficiency, additional resources for more important tasks. But…

… what does that mean exactly for a specific industry? Or for a specific company?

Today’s post is dedicated specifically to hospital purchasing and the question of where exactly a digital purchasing platform can be applied with the greatest positive impact.

Would you also like to receive such a list, tailored to your company, regardless of the sector? This is available after a non-binding discussion, we look forward to hearing from you: or +49 541 939 355 00.
Who are the faces behind tenderpilot?
Max Schreiber is a valuable part of our sales team. Today we would like to introduce Max to you.

In his student days, Max has already experienced a lot – from his first internship as an air conditioning installer, to an assistant position in the accounting department, to the tenderpilot sales team, he covered a broad professional portfolio.

The reason for this is his commitment, his sociability and his perseverance, which opened many doors for Max.

For Max, it is important not to lose the fun in life and to spend a lot of time with his friends, playing tennis or having a barbecue. Last but not least, there is a little fun fact about Max: If he could change something in his life, he would prefer to master an instrument perfectly. We think he’s not the only one.

Look forward to more team member introductions in the coming weeks!
Digitalization from the supplier’s point of view
Last week, we wrote about the benefits of digitization for buyers. However, there are also numerous advantages for suppliers – and these are often overlooked or underestimated.

If, in the past, the digitization of purchasing was driven more by suppliers in most cases, it is now increasingly common for buyers to be the decisive driving force. Either way: For suppliers, digital platforms mean not only an important additional sales channel, but much more. We have summarized the most important advantages in this graphic.

What do you see as the most important arguments for a digital platform in purchasing? And what causes you the most concern?

Do you doubt whether the digitization of purchasing processes makes sense for your company? By all means, let’s talk about it – completely without obligation, of course!
Target-oriented management through supplier controlling
As a buyer, do you spontaneously know who your top 3 suppliers are by volume? Or with which suppliers you have never experienced delays or quality losses?

These and other data from supplier controlling are worth their weight in gold. This gives you the tools you need to stop making decisions “by feel” or “because that’s the way it’s always been done”. You are well prepared for all operational and strategic decisions, always have an overview of all supply processes and can intervene immediately if something is not going as desired.

Since your suppliers are among your most important partners, it is extremely important to integrate them into your business processes through smooth communication, sound planning and defined processes. This is how you create a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Digital supplier management
When people talk about digitization of purchasing, they often only talk about one side – that of the buyers. The other side often receives too little attention. But not with us!

Because suppliers can also benefit from digitalized purchasing – and no less than the buyers. At tenderpilot, we always keep the interests of both parties in mind. And so our platform enables both buyers and suppliers not only to reduce their costs, but also to optimize their processes considerably. As a result, the freed-up resources on both sides can be used for more exciting and important tasks.

See for yourself how the digitalization of purchasing creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Who are the people behind tenderpilot?
Christian Klumpe is one of the founders and managing directors who got tenderpilot off the ground almost 2 years ago. Find out what makes Christian tick professionally and personally.

Christian is a real cosmopolitan and has lived and worked in different countries during his career. For example, he has already set up several shared service centers and accompanied mergers & acquisitions in Europe, the USA, Egypt and Tunisia.

The well known motto “The customer is king” is very important to Christian: He always tries to perceive everything from the customer’s point of view, because fairness is particularly important to him.

However, if Christian could change anything in his life, he would give his younger self more self-confidence. Meanwhile, his life motto “Never give up” is also reflected in his professional life, as he gives his best to every challenge he faces.

Christian has been happily married for many years and is a father of two. The most important thing in his life is the health and happiness of his family, of which he is also most proud. When Christian has a minute to himself, he likes to play handball or make music in his free time.
Procurement in transition
Do you know what’s in store for you if you decide to digitize procurement? And what it means for each individual area of procurement?

What is new often scares us at first, or at least triggers uncertainty. This is particularly true of changes that are far-reaching and affect many areas. Therefore, the same applies here: If you are well informed and have the necessary overview, you will make the right decisions – and always with a good, safe feeling.

We have prepared a summary for you that shows at a glance all the areas that will be influenced by digitalization of purchasing – including details of what exactly will be possible in each area thanks to digitalization.

Would you like to find out what exactly digitization of purchasing would mean for your company? Let’s talk about it without obligation!
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How digitalization is changing purchasing
Orders by phone or fax, Post-Its that are stuck somewhere and then reach the right person (hopefully) by in-house mail. Do you know this as well?

And we’re not talking about the counter-incidents from 1990, but this is still happening right now – in 2021 in Germany. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Yet the numerous advantages of digitalized processes in purchasing are obvious – and there are, in fact, no disadvantages.

Take a look for yourself and feel free to bring your purchasing up to date!
The chicken & egg problem
As Easter is just around the corner, we would like to talk about the well-known Chicken-Egg problem today. Like every platform, tenderpilot also faced this challenge at the beginning.

How this problem can be solved in a platform, what it causes and how tenderpilot was able to solve the Chicken-Egg problem successfully in the shortest possible time – you can find out from the following picture.

The entire tenderpilot team wishes you and your families happy Easter and a few relaxing spring-like days this weekend!
Latest news from the energy sector
There is currently a lot of news in the field of energy – and also various funding programs and grants for optimization in this area. But who has the overview here?

Whether it’s reports on self-consumed electricity, correct VAT accounting, electricity and energy tax applications or the replacement of heating oil systems – we have summarized the most important information for you in this update and will be happy to advise you on these topics as well.
Don’t miss the digitization!
Have you heard the term FOMO? This is currently a very widespread social phenomenon that applies in the business world, especially to many small and medium-sized companies.

FOMO means the Fear Of Missing Out on something important and exciting, and the feeling that others can do it better. This term refers primarily to the increasing digitalization of our everyday lives.

Do you know this too? Are your processes not yet digital – as many competitors are demonstrating? Do you know your most important cost and optimization levers? Do you know how to significantly improve the efficiency and transparency of your purchasing processes quickly and easily?

So many questions and only one answer: digitization. As we all know, the best defense is the offense, so change something so you don’t sleep through digitization.

We will be happy to provide you with advice and support if you need it – at +49 541 202 80 985 and
Who are the people behind tenderpilot?
In just two months, our sales team has grown from 2 to 6 people. Kristof Lehnecke is one of our new sales people – and already an energetic support in tenderpilot’s growth.

One of the things that have shaped Kris most in his private and professional life is his emigration to Austria – at the age of only 19. Kris spent two years there and learned a lot. Professionally, he feels at home in sales because he likes meeting new people and appreciates the diversity of this profession. Kristof cites the ability to listen, learn and implement as his three most valuable character traits.

In his private life, Kristof enjoys playing tennis, would like to have a dog and sees – besides his professional career – family and health for the people around him as the most important things in life.
Procurement 4.0 through digitalization
Digitization is on everyone’s lips these days. Often, however, in a negative context, because it is about missed opportunities and possibilities. The fact is: Germany is bringing up the rear in many areas when it comes to digitalization, and that in the 21st century.

Even in many developing countries, digitalization is much better than in Germany. And the Covid-19 crisis has brought these weaknesses more than clearly to light. This does not only refer to the Covid-19-related digitalization problems (such as the Covid-19 app). Did you know that almost 70% of all orders in health and social care, manufacturing and industry are still placed by phone or fax? That is twice as much as in retail.

Yet digitalization in purchasing is much easier than most people assume, brings numerous advantages, saves money (for our customers – up to 30% of costs) – and is also long overdue!

Find out more in our infographic. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us!
Who are the people behind tenderpilot?
With our new mini series we want to introduce the ambitious people behind tenderpilot!

Roman Lewin has been supporting us as tenderpilot’s new CTO for a month now! And as promised, we would now like to introduce Roman to you in detail today.

Already as a working student at IBM, Roman was able to make a name for himself in the IT industry by developing a cloud-powered app. After only two years of work experience, he then founded a startup together with some colleagues, which still exists today.

Roman is known (and appreciated!) for questioning every decision and trusting his gut. These qualities together with his perseverance allowed him to successfully overcome any hurdle and achieve all his set goals.

In his private life, the tech specialist loves to spend time with his family – his parents and his wife inspire and strengthen Roman every day. He is also very interested in trading and enjoys doing sports.

Next week the introduction of our team members will continue – stay tuned!
Top 5 Procurement Trends 2021
At the beginning of the year, we presented the most important trends in 2021 here. But what does this mean for purchasing? Find out here!

Corona has been keeping us on our toes for a year now – and is influencing absolutely all areas of life. However, hardly anything has been affected by Covid-19 as much as purchasing.

Up to 30 days longer delivery times, up to 200% price increases for companies and organizations that had no framework agreements and rather manual ordering processes before the Corona crisis. These are just a few Corona impacts on purchasing.

But like any crisis, Corona opens up new opportunities. Find out what those may be from our latest infographic on the year’s top purchasing trends.
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tenderpilot launched in Switzerland
Last week we added another website to our internet presence – we are very happy about the official launch of tenderpilot in Switzerland, including our Swiss website!

We are looking forward to new customers, exciting projects and effective optimizations and savings!

Would you like to find out what tenderpilot can do for your purchasing? Let us talk about it without any obligation: or +49 541 202 80 985.
tenderpilot celebrates its 1-year anniversary!
What a great year – and statistically we caught the biggest mistakes of all startups.

According to an interesting article on CB Insights, the composition of the startup team is already crucial for the success of the company. Well, all the don’ts apply to tenderpilot. Why don’t you take a look at our LinkedIn profile and see for yourself.
And yet, we had a nice successful 1st year!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported tenderpilot and placed their trust in us – and we look forward to the coming years with existing and new customers, partners and employees!
Lessons Learned 6 – Corona accelerates digitization
Covid-19 has brought his corrections in many areas of life. The world is – literally – no longer the same. But what does Corona have to do with digitization?

In many industries, alternative solutions were sought – due to Covid-19. And suddenly the term “online” was the order of the day for many companies. And this for a simple reason: In these challenging times, the ability to switch to “online” often decided the life or death of the company.

And so Covid-19 has significantly accelerated digitalization in purchasing as well. Those responsible have drawn important conclusions for the future from this, as the last part of our infographic on the top 6 Covid-19 insights shows.
Lessons Learned 5 – Too little focus on process optimization
How can you reduce costs in purchasing? The answer is obvious: negotiate lower prices. But that’s far from the only (and not the easiest) way!

Our 5th of the top 6 Covid-19 insights is: In most cases, digitizing processes can reduce costs in purchasing by up to 25%. And that with relatively little effort. Yet it is precisely this possibility that is given far too little attention or taken advantage of.
Lessons Learned 4 – The Missing Strategy Point – Digitization
“Strategy is an economy of forces.” (Carl von Clausewitz, 1780 – 1831). Do you have a strategy when it comes to tools you use in purchasing? And who chooses them – you or your suppliers?

Fact (and our 4th Covid-19 insight) is: The quote listed at the beginning also applies to purchasing. If you want to save forces (time, money…), you rely on your own clearly defined digitization strategy with a central digital purchasing tool.

You think this is not possible? Let us surprise you naturally without obligation:
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Lessons Learned 3 – More digital solutions for the healthcare industry
Everyone knows the 80/20 principle: 80% of the results can be achieved with 20% of the effort. Does this also work for you in purchasing?

How much time do you spend purchasing your C-items? How many suppliers do you have to deal with? And most importantly, how much value does this effort represent?

Our third of the Top 6 Covid-19 insights show: 85% of healthcare industry orders are low-value C-items. However, these items consume the most time and cause the most effort in purchasing. Yet C-items in particular could be handled completely digitally from A to Z.
Lessons Leared 2 – Huge potential for catching up in the healthcare industry
How digital do you think the world is these days? It seems that pretty much everything is digitized by now. Right? Wrong!

Here comes the second of our top 6 insights from the Covid-19 crisis: Great catch-up potential in purchasing. That’s because the healthcare industry has so far focused on other areas when it comes to digitization, and still lags far behind many other industries when it comes to purchasing digitization.

Has the Covid-19 crisis accelerated the digitization of manual purchasing processes in your organization? And perhaps even had a positive impact on your company?
Lessons Learned 1
And here comes insight number 1: Too much dependence on manual processes.

What was that like for you? Did the Covid-19 crisis give an impetus to the digitization of manual processes in your organization? Or did digitization in your company successfully pass the stress test during the Covid-19 crisis?
Lessons Learned from the Covid-19 crisis
Keeping the entire supply chain in the health and social care sector resilient, secure and at the same time still financially viable is a particularly fierce challenge in crises such as the Covid-19 crisis. The extremely uncomfortable situation, as we are bitterly taught by the Covid-19 crisis, is something each of us would have been very happy and grateful to do without.

But what are the Leasons Learned after this crisis? In the coming weeks, we will share with you here top 6 lessons learned from the Covid-19 crises.
tenderpilot supports B2B trade in times of crisis
In times of crisis, we are offering the use of the tenderpilot platform to all B2B buyers and suppliers completely free of charge and without obligation.

The offer is initially limited until and including July 31, 2020.

Read more about how tenderpilot supports you in the Covid-19 crisis.
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First tenders mastered with tenderpilot
In recent weeks, the first tenders were successfully issued via tenderpilot.

The approach of a neutral, transparent and fair platform for tenders and orders in the B2B segment is appreciated on the part of buyers and suppliers. In this project, we were able to support medium-sized companies in the procurement of drawing parts. Both our customers and the suppliers involved were highly satisfied with the processes.
The first industrial customer of tenderpilot
Our first customer from the medium-sized business sector is a production company that mainly develops and offers machines for agriculture.

Here our complete service with operative purchasing, strategic purchasing in combination with a transparent and neutral purchasing platform was convincing.

Would you like to learn more about our platform? Here you can find more information.
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tenderpilot starts with first pilot customers
We are pleased that we were able to win the first pilot customers for the tenderpilot platform.

The Christopheruswerk Lingen and St. Lukas Heim in Papenburg, both from the social and healthcare sectors, recognized the added value of tenderpilot. Among other things, they operate workshops for disabled people (WfbM).

Likewise the involved suppliers recognize the use of a neutral platform, like the office Albers GmbH & CO. KG.
Foundation and registration of tenderpilot GmbH
September 17, 2019 marks the beginning of the official history of tenderpilot GmbH.

On this day, the founding team – consisting of Jörg Bührmann, Christian Klumpe and Christoph Spanner – received the successful registration of the company from the Osnabrück Local Court under the number HRB213951.
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