About us

The tenderpilot founding team is backed by decades of experience in purchasing and a strong network.

Two of the three founders have been working as cost optimizers for years and are already achieving savings of between 14% and 32% from year 1 for their clients in the healthcare sector.

Let’s talk about your challenges and questions – we are sure to find the best solution for your facility and your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Team

Jörg Bührmann
Chief Executive Officer
“As an optimizer with decades of experience, I always keep an eye not only on material costs, but also on processes. With this combination, we get the best possible savings for our customers!”
As a purchasing optimizer, Jörg Bührmann has been developing processes for decades that enable his customers to achieve significant savings in procurement. In over 200 purchasing projects to date, he has been able to achieve significant savings with his customers in a wide range of industries. This, of course, in compliance with the customers’ quality and delivery requirements.

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Christian Klumpe
Chief Financial Officer
“With tenderpilot, process and cost optimization becomes child’s play: it has never been so easy to make purchasing transparent, efficient and consistent.”
Christian Klumpe is the financial pro in the tenderpilot team and is familiar with savings and optimization. With Christian Klumpe, tenderpilot customers have decades of experience in financial management and process optimization with effective savings.

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Linus Gabrielsson
Advisory Board / IT
With over 10 years of experience in the financial industry, including experience as Head of Digital Transformation, Linus Gabrielsson brings expertise in a wide range of topics in diverse business areas, such as project management, technology management, regulatory and supplier management. He co-founded the first crowdfunding platform for social entrepreneurship in Switzerland and works today as an advisor and investor in the startup industry.

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Prof. Dr. Torsten Arnsfeld
Advisory Board / Business Administration in Healthcare
Prof. Dr. Torsten Arnsfeld functions as an advisory board member with his many years of exclusive experience in developing and adapting business models for both family-managed medium-sized companies and start-ups. For more than two decades, Dr. Arnsfeld has acted at the interface between the corporate world and banks as an executive, investor, advisor and consultant in several family-managed medium-sized companies.

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